Questions For Your Potential Home Alarm Monitoring Company

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Do not settle for just any monitored home security service. There are some things to consider and questions to ask before committing to service. At the top of the list is finding out how long the service commitment is when having an alarm system installed. Most companies offer a basic system for free or at a low cost, but there is a requirement to keep the monitoring service active for a specific period of time. Look for Read the rest of this entry »

Home Alarm Options Worth Asking For

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Many homeowners want to keep their homes safe when they are asleep or away from home. When they need extra vigilance in their absence, many individuals invest in home security systems. Today’s home security systems are different than the systems of the past. The systems today feature more technology and convenience that allows people to customize their systems to their security needs. Many people consider several conveniences worth requesting if security companies do not already make these amenities available.

For example, some people prefer that their Read the rest of this entry »

How Home Alarm Systems Improve Home Security

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With crime rates constantly rising, many homeowners are turning to home security systems. For an affordable price, this type of system can be installed into a home. There are a number of different ways that home alarm systems make homes safer.

Audible Alarm

Modern security systems are equipped with an audible alarm. When an intruder enters a home, the alarm system will produce a very loud noise.

If the loud noise doesn’t deter the criminal, then the police certainly will. However, Read the rest of this entry »

Three Reasons Home Alarms Are Worth The Effort

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Many people question whether home alarm systems are really worth the effort. There are three main reasons why an alarm system is totally worth the effort and money.

Continuous Protection

When a home has an alarm system installed, homeowners benefit from continues protection. The system offers protection for valuables and family members. A lot of homeowners forget the fact that they simply cannot monitor their home at all times.

The only way to monitor a home continuously is with a home alarm system. Burglars can strike at any time, and studies show that most burglaries Read the rest of this entry »

Tips For Installing Your New Home Security System

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For quite some time, home security systems have been considered a luxury. However, the ever-increasing crime rate in most areas has changed how people view security systems. In most areas, a home security system is considered to be essential.

A home security system is an excellent way to protect family and valuables. Many modern home security systems are created for ease of use. These systems are made for the DIY homeowners who want to install the systems without professional help.

The fact that modern systems can be installed by homeowners helps to reduce the cost of the systems.Additional information Read the rest of this entry »

Four Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

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How to keep their home secure is an ongoing concern for homeowners. Here are four ways to reduce the risk of someone breaking into your home and/or stealing your possessions:

1. Lock Doors and Windows
This sounds simple and it is, but the fact is an amazing number of burglars just walk through unlocked or opened doors or crawl in through unlocked or open windows.

2. Make It Seem Like You’re At Home
Lights can be programmed to turn off and on at specific times in different rooms. Also, it helps to have a radio playing just Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing A Home Alarm Company That Works For You

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Homeowners can take a few steps to find a home alarm company that suits their needs best. For starters, it’s important to ask if the company offers general liability, omissions insurance and workman’s compensation. The alarm company must be properly licensed and protected.

If the company is not protected, homeowners are actually liable for potential losses or claims. It’s important to ask for proof of the company’s business license. Without a business license, the company is not permitted to do business in the area. Also, ask the company for referrals.

Obtaining and following up on referrals is crucial. Homeowners should get referrals for people who’ve had the same home alarm system installed. Homeowners should ask if the alarm company has been in business for at least three to five years. It’s also important to know where the company’s alarm monitoring center is.

A lot of companies have a central monitoring center that is actually in a different state than the company itself. It’s also important to find out if the company performs installation work alone; some companies subcontract the installation work. Last but not least,, before signing and paying, it’s important to really examine the contract. A lot of companies have really deceptive contracts.

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